After twenty years continuous experience working for blue chip companies and non profit organisations, I refused to give up on my dreams while recovering from a life-threatening brain haemorrhage and a secondary stroke in 2011. While my employment was curtailed, I kept fighting to improve each day, demonstrating my resourcefulness and resilience and my determination to succeed. These are the qualities which I’m now able to share with my clients to help them grow stronger too.  I am a full member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing and am currently their social media ambassador for the South East. To read more about the Chartered Institute of Marketing click http://CIM.co.uk



What makes Lisa Beaumont Marketing different from other marketing agencies?

My thinking behind my consultancy is to bring pure marketing theory to my clients and make it easily possible to apply pure marketing in an accessible way to SMEs and sole traders. This, combined with an interest in creativity, helps make my approach unique.


When she was young she didn’t stop to ask what was possible.
Everything was possible.
Whatever she wished for she got through sheer force of belief
and power of imagination.
She could catch the Milky Way in a jar, have imaginary friends,
make things move with her mind.
There was nothing she could not do.
Now, older, restrained, cruelly confined, life was proving harder.
Fate had played a nasty card, removed many of her powers.
Now things didn’t change in an instant, refused to be bidden.
The power of circumstance crushed all hope – or tried to.
But she was used to dreaming.
To working from the impossible to the possible.

Poem By Charle Bell about Lisa Beaumont

Photography by Laura Goode

This project would not have become a reality for Lisa without the kindness and support of friends and family. She is particularly grateful for the ongoing assistance which is being provided
voluntarily by her friend, Laura Hood