I can deliver revenue-focused results

“Lisa Beaumont has two outstanding qualities:  an ability to spot an opportunity for a new product and the personality to engage with clients.  She amply demonstrated these skills in initiating the development of a new audience measurement service for Sky TV.”

Andrew Roberts

Ex Research Director TNS


“I can thoroughly recommend Lisa’s marketing clinics.  I spent one hour with her and it helped me to focus on what was important, plus she’s come back with some very helpful suggestions since I met her.  A business meeting over a coffee; what could be nicer?!”

Wendy Jennings

Author of  “From Cancer to Coddiwomple”


“In June 2017 our parish St. Augustine’s in Tunbridge Wells held an organ recital by James O’Donnell Organist and Master of the Choristers of Westminster Abbey. Lisa was involved with our team managing the event. Providing excellent ideas, input & connections, managing the promotion in local papers. Lisa’s forte with the web especially being put to good use to further spread word of the event. Usually these events attract attendances around 50, due to the event being promoted so well in the parish & these different medias, we had an attendance of 150 with no expenditure thanks to thrifty marketing techniques.”

J.Paul Lambert MSc
Organ recital promotion team secretary.

See yourself in headlines.

“I saw it, Lisa! Love your style and ‘down-to-earth’ approach”
Sam Hurley, Digital influencer


“Lisa has worked with our charity as a volunteer and used her marketing skills to full effect.  Lisa has worked tirelessly to establish a local support group for younger stroke survivors.  Using her experience in marketing, she has successfully promoted the group locally, online, and in the press to maximise the reach.  Due to this, the group is growing steadily and establishing great relationships with related parties in the West Kent area.  We feel very lucky to have her onboard.”

Lauren McMillan

Marketing Coordinator Different Strokes


“Within 3 months Lisa has taken me from an employee working with another to a self employed gardener with 50 percent of my work now my own work. I hadn’t thought about getting professional help to take on my own projects but when she approached me I didn’t hesitate. Lisa has targeted local clients and outlined my skills so that all enquiries have been for work.”

Daniel Culmer