How to check that your Marketing message is right

Whenever you revisit your Marketing Planning process, you'll need to check that your Marketing message  is right Once you have completed... More->>

How to make a strategic choice for long-term growth

Whenever there is change in your market's conditions or in your business set-up, you will have an opportunity to review your strategic choice... More->>

Lisa’s planningprocess infographic

Follow the sequence of steps each time you revisit your Marketing Audit: customer-centric strategic planning begins with an audit of the... More->>

Lisa’s planningprocess infographic

Follow the sequence of steps each time you revisit your Marketing Audit: strategic planning begins with an audit of the current market... More->>

How to begin a successful business recovery

Whenever a business needs to focus upon its need for recovery it is helpful to focus on a time-frame that's dictated by your business-planning... More->>

When is price-cutting good for your business?

Price-cutting has become a seasonal tradition  This blogpost examines its drawbacks and explains when price-cutting can be good for your business... More->>

How to take control of your business for a successful year

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How to be authentic in a virtual world

Brands need to communicate differently when the marketplace has moved online and customer-contact is virtual  This post will explain for brands how... More->>

What is a marketing orientation?

This post will give you a guide to a marketing orientation and what this might mean for your business, with some tips and action-points  for what... More->>

How to approach business transformation

Any firm that keeps close to its market will always be in the process of business transformation A caterpillar wraps itself in a chrysalis inside a... More->>

What is CRM for sole traders?

CRM for sole traders does not need to be complicated CRM is a buzz term, you may have heard Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a process... More->>

How to protect your business

When "the only thing that is constant is change" (Heraclitus ) you must know how to protect your business so that you can avoid extra disruptions,... More->>

How to identify new leads

Once you know how to identify new leads, your sales funnel will always be full and you will have a consistent flow of new business to develop I... More->>

Marketing tips for surviving winter

Trading conditions in winter are often difficult, or quieter than usual Many small businesses need Marketing tips for surviving winter I can... More->>

How to measure success to thrive

If you measure success correctly it will deliver even more successMarketing Success is all about control, as I explained in my Marketing Mantra last... More->>

Where should I sell?

The meaning of Place in Marketing Where should I sell This question concerns more than the physical location of your business Place is the... More->>

Communicate widely to maximise success

When you communicate with your customers it can help you if you communicate widely too attract your target You may be familiar with the advice to... More->>

How do you put a price on your services?

Knowing how to put a fair price on your services is a key step for you to master early in your journey towards being a successful, marketing-led... More->>

Would you like to know how to get press coverage to deliver your goals?

Knowing how to get press coverage in the local and national press is an important tool in the marketing arsenal for any small business owner, at any... More->>

How to get more followers on twitter

Twitter is an extremely useful broadcast medium, which is free Knowing how to get more followers on twitter will enable you to build an audience ... More->>

How to adapt tactics to stay relevant to your customers

"Our abilities to adapt, innovate, and learn will be a key factors in resilience and recovery" Rohit Talwar and J Walker Smith , 17 Aug 2020 ... More->>

Brand development infographic

... More->>

How to promote your brand’s story

Nowadays knowing how to promote your brand's story should be at the heart of your Marketing Communications activities Telling your brand’s... More->>

How to develop a brand identity

It is important for every sole proprietor to understand how to develop a brand identity and maintain it at times of disruption The... More->>

Strategies to maximise your competitive advantage in tough times

A cactus has developed its competitive advantage, in order to grow tall and strong in an arid desert Its lack of water is akin to the possibility of... More->>

7 truths about how advertising works

Learn the truth about advertising how advertising works Advertising is an important element in every Marketing Plan However, not many small... More->>

How to get value from your content

You might notice during a period of disruption in business that you have plenty of content on your website or on your shelves As business begins to... More->>

How to prepare your business to pivot

Whenever there is disruption in your marketplace, or your personal life; it is important that you're ready to pivotIt's good for your business... More->>

9 things you need to know about niche marketing

As a small business owner you'll hear many remarks about  others having a  preference for niche marketing,  but is it right for yours, or not... More->>

How to drive traffic to your website

Whenever you've spent time or money on your website  It's important that you know how to drive traffic to your website, so that you can attract new... More->>

Social media offer

Exclusive offer for Mailing list subscribers who require assistance with developing a social media plan to drive traffic to their website I will... More->>

What is social listening?

While chatting with friends and clients about my main business service, I’ve often been asked “What is social listening and how can it assist me... More->>

Remember to communicate clearly to inform customers

Though it is important to communicate clearly with your customers at all times,  now it is more important than ever, as businesses... More->>

How to find your perfect customer after disruption

Perfect customer Introduction Finding your perfect customer is critical to effective Marketing  At all times  As the COVID-19 lockdown... More->>

Prepare for long-term growth after disruption

This week's theme is: Prepare your business for its long-term success There is a flippant saying in Marketing Strategy circles: "You can only get... More->>

How to accelerate growth of a new product

Last week we took steps to protect our young business development ideas/seedlings from any additional threats which might jeopardise their success... More->>

How to prepare to take a new product to the market

I hope that you have stayed well, as you navigate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on personal lives and commerce In your journey of business... More->>

Anticipate opportunities for business development

n this series of memos, I have been guiding you on how to prepare your business for growth post disruption  If you need a recap, you... More->>

Anticipate threats to your business development

Welcome back to the next stage for helping your business to continue to thrive after disruption  By now, I hope that you’ve planted the seedlings... More->>

How to capitalise on loyalty during uncertainty or crisis

A period of crisis is a good opportunity for you to develop your Marketing, by understanding the topic  "Customer Loyalty" It will come as no... More->>

Prepare to adapt your strategy during uncertainty

This post will help you to consider how to adapt your strategy at a time of crisis  It was written at the height of the COVID19  Pandemic, its... More->>

Satisfy the new normal

Last week, I encouraged you to do all the groundwork that is needed for your business to be ready for life after lockdown  You can access that Memo... More->>

How can you be ready for whatever happens next?

As the Government begins to make hints about its lockdown exit-strategy and the timing of the possible loosening of the current restrictions, it is... More->>

Do you allow convention to hold you back?

Latest Marketing Mantra Be unique when it will satisfy a customer Many of my clients are newcomers to the business world When you are developing a... More->>

Attract the attention you desire most

Your communications must be as powerful as a single red rose offered to your prospective customer I’ve realised that there’s actually a... More->>

Effective Marketing is all about control

What makes a hummingbird so special I chose this arresting image of a humming bird to illustrate this mantra about control because the hummingbird... More->>

Make Strong Connections

When you meet a new contact with whom your brand values, or purpose chime, it is a good idea to take some time to strengthen the new connection, not... More->>

Master the narrative for your business with PR

PR is a fundamental element in Marketing Communications planning It’s all about reputation management and is a chance to spread your message in... More->>

Keep it Quiet

How to improve your marketing when your small business is cash-strapped and time poor If you’re short of time and money, don’t give up on... More->>

How to take time out without your business suffering

The Christmas break will have been hectic yet restful for most of my readers, but as the New Year begins, how can you extract full value from the... More->>