5 tips on how to get value from blogging

Knowing how to get value from blogging is an important step for every business owner to master. If you acquire this skill, it can mean that you will efficiently generate more leads.

So that your content will deliver more value to your business.

Once you know how to get the value from blogging, you will be able to help your business to grow by repurposing content that you have already.

Cherry blossom provides a useful analogy for this topic. You can think of the blossom as representing your content creation. The cherry tree, Sakura, produces blossom with the simple objective of reproduction. The blossom will only deliver that goal once a pollinator has been attracted to the tree to initiate pollination.

Your content attracts customers to your product. The creation of content, such as a blogpost, is necessary but it is not sufficient for you to make a sale, just as the cherry tree needs a pollinator to intervene.

5 steps to get value from your blogging

1. Re-purpose

Repurpose your content by re-posting it on your website which has been optimised to draw traffic from search engines.

2. Share it via your social channels

Once you have published a blogpost on your website, continue by sharing its link with all your followers on social platforms.

3. Use it to share with your mailing list subscribers:

When you have taken time to create valuable content you can share it with your mailing list by adapting the text and tone for your email subscribers.

4. Adapt your content

Slice, dice, and adapt the content to suit other platforms such as LinkedIn.

5. Guest blog

Find opportunities where your material can be featured as a guest blog on sites that share your target audience. For example, I occasionally collaborate on blogs with  colleyraine.co.uk

Each time that you post your blog it must be in a forum that is relevant for your prospects. Therefore, it must be engaging to draw your customers into connect with you and contain a Call To Action (CTA) to lead them towards your product.

If you implement these five steps correctly you should find that you have made a sale that is the evidence which show that you know how to get value from blogging.