An easy way to feel confident about selling

This blog post explains an easy method that will help you to feel confident about selling.

Previously, I have encouraged you to use testimonials to sell you can remind yourself of those ideas here.

Im this post I will demonstrate how you can use your own testimonials to help you to feel confident about selling.

Recently, I received a fabulous recommendation on LinkedIn

I was surprised to hear that my client had expressed the range of benefits of attending a Marketing Clinic Consultation.

Consequently, when I read her words. I realised, that I haven’t described the benefits of my Marketing Clinic Consultations with confidence recently.

Sometimes, you need to step back from doing what you do every day to recognise what you do from another viewpoint. Just like this picture doesn’t show the whole elephant, it can become too easy for you to make assumptions.

You can take it for granted that people have recognised your whole proposition and that they will fill in the gaps for themselves.

Find a testimonial that describes your benefits well.

Here’s what my client said about me:

“Every now and again, you meet a person who understands, what you want to achieve and supports you. They help you with guidance on best practice for marketing your business during its infancy. And, even if you haven’t spoken for a while, they pop up and say hello. What is even nicer, is the fact, that they keep you in mind and recommend you to other business leaders. These are the people you most definitely recommend to others. may I introduce you to Lisa.”

This recommendation was shared on LinkedIn by a client, who came for short consultations with me. I was thrilled to hear such good words from a high-level project manager, Wendy Rabetts, and it captures the benefits of my clinic format.

 It helped me to feel confident about selling my service with clarity.

6 Benefits of Lisa’s Marketing Clinic Consultations for Sole-traders.


Most importantly each consultation, short or long. is focused on what you want to achieve, which you tell me in the online registration process before we meet.

2. Preparation time

Next, I understand my clients’ needs because I take time to get to know their market prior to their consultation. The in-person appointment helps me to grasp their motivations and develop my first ideas with you.

3. Long term support

Thirdly, After a single appointment. I will continue to support you until you reach your goal without any need for you to make a commitment until you might join my active-social-listening service. I will keep you in mind. Like an elephant, I never forget.

4. Right from the start

I have designed my service to help businesses to grow from their infancy by helping you to get your strategy right from the outset. Like you, I have developed my business venture with limited means.

5. Thrifty marketing techniques

I will offer you solutions that won’t incur any further costs for you, until you grow larger and can afford to be more ambitious.

6. Best practice for marketing

My experience in marketing spans theory and practice across many sectors. That means that I can draw on my bank of knowledge to help your business to grow profitably. Wendy’s recommendation helped me to recognise these 6 benefits of my Marketing Clinic Consultation and it helped me to feel confident about selling

Perhaps, you can read your own reviews to help you to overcome your fears about selling?

If you’re doing a good job that delivers the results that you promise you do not need to be afraid about selling your benefits to satisfy more clients.

You can feel confident about selling your service.