4 tips to help you sell with testimonials

It can be helpful  for marketers to use customer feedback to close a sale. This post will give you 4 tips to help you to  sell with testimonials.

At all times, it is important that you can reassure your prospective customers. So that you can ease any remaining anxieties that might stop your customers from buying. You may find that this approach will be very effective, following disruption in a marketplace, when customers will look for re-assurance.  You can use testimonials effectively for this purpose.

I mentioned the benefits of testimonials in the recent bulletin, 9 savvy ways to use customer feedback to grow. You can revisit that post here.

In summer, our garden is full of colourful wildflowers, which we use to  to attract pollinators, like bees. Many bright flowers are evidence, that our project has been a success. You can use testimonials to advertise your success too. I illustrate this week’s topic with marigolds.

4 tips to sell with testimonials inspired by marigolds

1. Size

Firstly, like marigolds, testimonials can appear in a variety of sizes to suit the environment, in which you plan to share it. A short quotation can suit a tweet, whereas a more lengthy case-study can be appropriate for your website.

2. Spontaneous or guided

Additionally, Marigolds are prolific self-seeders – they drop their seed pods, so that new flowers can grow without any intervention from a gardener. Some customers will give you immediate feedback without prompting.
Meanwhile, others might benefit from being prompted with a set of structured questions. Nevertheless, they still express their experience in their own words, giving an authentic way for you to substantiate your claims.

3. Match your customers’ needs

Next, Marigolds also come in a variety of shades to attract insects. You can identify what your customers need to hear and match it with a relevant customer quotation. In 2021, it might be most relevant to share feedback, that reassures about your Covid-security.

4. Include a call-to-action

Finally, testimonials are useful for you to reassure your prospects, that it’s a good time to buy, prompting them to take immediate action. It is important that you make the next step easy for your customer. You should Include a call-to-action alongside any testimonial. That’s why testimonials can be useful to help you to close a sale.
By using these tips for using testimonials for selling. You can craft messages that will be timely for engaging your customers. In this way you will discover that it is possible to sell with testimonials.