9 savvy ways how to use customer feedback to grow

This post will give you some ideas about how you can get the most value from any compliments that you’re paid by your clients. It makes business sense for you to let others know when you have done a good job. You will learn how to use customer feedback to help your business to grow.

Firstly, please remember that sharing positive feedback is not about showing-off. It is important to realise that your client can benefit from your self-promotion, too. It can be helpful for you and your clients whenever you celebrate your successes. Good marketing is always customer-centric.

Honeybees share good news with each other by performing the waggle dance – the figure of eight dance they use to direct their hive towards a good source of food.

9 marketing-savvy ideas for how to use customer feedback inspired by the waggle dance:

1. Attract more customers

You can satisfy more customers by including a call-to-action for your service alongside the testimonial.

2. Promote your happy customer

By embedding a link to their business or featuring them as ‘client of the month’. For example, see how this can be done here

3. Show your customers that you’re listening to them

Your customers will know that you take note of their views when you share what they say about you.

4. Highlight your brand values

Customers may highlight qualities that differentiate your service in their comments. You can remind yourself about how to develop a brand identity here

5. Show the value that you deliver to customers and illustrate this point with an in-depth case study

An in-depth case-study  allows you the space too tell a client’s story. You can use it to describe the value that you deliver.

6. Help your community by sharing useful sources with them

By sharing your customer feedback with your groups and followers online, you can direct them towards a useful source of information, too.

7. Show that you respect your customers’ views and will respond to them

Sharing customer feedback widely will help you to build a bond with your clients they will feel that their opinions matter to your business.

8. Reinforce the authenticity of your claims with independent comments

Any claims that you make about your business will sound more genuine, in the words used in customer feedback.

9. Encourage more recommendations to give you a wider range of feedback

By sharing your customer feedback in positive ways. You will encourage more clients to leave reviews, perhaps with an easy link embedded for them to tell us what you think? More customer feedback will give you more chances to share your good news.

Keep these reasons in mind next time you share your customer feedback. It will help your clients’ business to grow too. Gratitude is a virtuous cycle in business.