6 Marketing tips for British Autumn

Now is the perfect time for you to consider my Marketing tips for British Autumn . In Britain,  the Autumn equinox,  occurs in late September annually. This means that there is a fixed date for the start of Autumn in the astronomical calendar. The certainty of that date can help you with your Marketing Planning.

Therefore, you can know when in 2022 you will be able to apply these Marketing tips for British Autumn . Predictability is a big bonus whenever you focus on Marketing Planning.

Previously, I have shared my advice on how to alter your Marketing at the change of season.  You can remind yourself of that content here.

I also suggested some steps for preparing for the transition from Summer to Autumn 2021 here.

After the Autumn equinox, you will notice many changes outdoors and some of those might affect your Marketing choices.

I enjoy linking my topics to events in nature because good Marketing, like your customers, follows a cycle like Nature’s. That knowledge can help you to plan ahead with confidence.

As marketers, it is important for us to remain responsive to our customers’ needs. We must be prepared to change when our trading environment alters, such as when a new season begins. Here are my top marketing tips for British Autumn.

6 Marketing tips for British Autumn

The main features of a British autumn that might affect your customers and your Marketing are the short, dark and cold days.

1.Consider the impact of less daylight

Fewer hours of daylight will affect some types of business more than others. For example, my gardening client alters his service greatly. He adapts: his changes his work pattern from full days to 8am-4pm, so that he can see his clients during daylight. His service changes from gardening to garden maintenance and light installation. He plans carefully year-round to anticipate his downturn in business in Autumn.

You can check whether the short days will change the times when your customers demand your service.

2. Prioritise your website

While customers hibernate at home your website will become of greater importance as a route for clients to buy from you. Additionally, make sure that you keep all your customers informed about any changes that you introduce such as, a change in your business hours.

3. Use the power of the darkness

Next, You can use the dark to help your business to stand out by illuminating your window or your displays.

4. Use the cold to attract custom

Similarly to the darkness, you can turn the cold to your own advantage. You can use the cold by offering customers a warm welcome to entice them into your shop, clinic or eatery. Pubs often use the draw of an open log fire to help attract custom.

5. Create gift formats

Lastly, the end of the year brings many festivals such as Fireworks Night, Diwali, Halloween and Christmas. Each of those might give you the opportunity to satisfy your customers’ needs differently. You can adapt your physical packaging to reflect the season and produce a new format such as vouchers that can tap into your customers’ search for gifts at this time of year. You can check for any annual events that might be relevant for your business by checking the Visit Britain site 

6. Plant your business bulbs

The last of my Marketing tips for British Autumn, in tune with Nature, you can prepare for next year by planting your business bulbs now. They can develop slowly so that your business will be ready to flourish next Spring.

When you implement these Marketing tips for British Autumn, your business will continue to grow during the cold dark months until it can flourish in Spring next year. You can get my advice about how to plant business bulbs .

In summary my Marketing tips for British Autumn are reminders for you to make a virtue out of the necessity of autumnal conditions.