4 marketing steps you need to take at the change of season


The change of season is a trigger for marketers to adapt their marketing mix.

This post will describe 4 marketing steps that you need to take at the change of season.

It  is illustrated by lupins. They are garden flowers that are drought-resistant so they are able to flourish in dry summer months. Lupins have gradually developed in response to their environment until they can withstand dryer conditions than most plants and  remain healthy perennials.

Likewise, your business will flourish if you take these steps to adapt your marketing mix. 

Previously, I’ve described how you can draw inspiration from the garden to plan for business growth. I explained that  each season in the garden indicates new marketing steps for you to take.  Mid-year is when you might enjoy seeing the results of your strategic marketing plan delivering its goals you can remind yourself of that bulletin here.

When you adapt your marketing mix in response to immediate conditions the key is to make “sure that all the elements come together and appear to be consistent and reasonable from the target customers’ point of view.” (Dr. Paul Fifield, Marketing Strategy, Butterfield-Heinemann,1992 p187). That advice reminds marketers of the importance to keep close to their market’s zeitgeist. They must think like their customers think.

4 Steps to take to adapt your marketing mix at the change of season

I will explore these issues in more depth in  separate blogposts.

1. Product:

If there is a seasonal peak in demand, materials might become scarce. You can identify substitute materials for the short term.

2. Price:

It might be appropriate for you to apply a seasonal adjustment to your price to reflect or stimulate demand/supply.

3. Place:

Additionally, Where you sell might be affected by the seasonal events and weather. Your customers might gather in new places. For example, do summer festivals attract your target market? You can refer to a useful list of key British, annual events here 


Digital advertising can be adapted to reflect a seasonal colour palette and theme. 

Also, Each season has traditional events and activities that might reveal opportunities for you to exploit.

If you make minor changes to your marketing mix you can ensure that your business remains close to your customers’ priorities for each season. An awareness of the significance of a change of season for your marketing implementation allows you to set plans to ensure your survival. So that your business will be as reliable as perennial lupins.