3 Marketing Tips for Autumn 2021

Every business-owner needs to plan their marketing for each season.

This post will guide you on how to prepare your marketing for Autumn 2021.

You can apply these tips for Autumn 2021 to help your business to grow.

Traditionally, Autumn is the stage in the marketing cycle where you might seek to conserve your energy.

However, this year I recommend a fresh approach in the light of the ongoing uncertainty that stems from our cautious emergence from the global pandemic.

Wild rabbits offer a useful analogy for this topic. Moreover, It is a species that has learnt to adapt to overcome the threats of cold and lack of food in winter. A business owner can learn from their example. Here are my tips.

3 Marketing tips for Autumn 2021, inspired by wild rabbits:

1. Review your market:

Just like businesses, rabbits rely on their past experience of winters to inform themselves about how to prepare for winter. Therefore, It is important that you  pause and reflect upon your market. It is likely that their needs will have changed during the disruption of 2021’s restrictions.

I described the most important tools for this type of review in my business resilience series at an equivalent point in 2020. You can remind yourself of those here

2. Focus on your tactics:

Secondly, rabbits have learned to adapt their food source and habitat for winter months.

Likewise, while you prepare your marketing for Autumn 2021, it will be critical for you to remain flexible as you set your tactical communications under the Product, Price, Place and Promotions headings.

For example, under the heading of Place, rabbits know that it’s wise for them to relocate their nests deep underground to combat cold conditions. Consequently, this Autumn you must consider where your customers can find you. For example, you might choose to serve your customers online or in-person too. Or perhaps you can offer a hybrid alternative, to satisfy each need.  

You can find out more about the potential impact of the resumption of office-working and commuting on your promotions in this article, which reminds advertisers about the importance of Out-Of Home (OOH) messaging as behaviour changes. You can burrow into that topic here.

3. Build back better with marketing:

Next, you can integrate sustainability measures into your business.

Because, Cop26 in November and the UN report from its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) published on 9th August 2021 will shift the country’s narrative towards environmentally responsible choices. Your business should be ready to share a message about its credentials for supporting sustainability.

You can find extra support to guide you through this step by visiting the business resilience resources centre on my website.

As a result, if you follow these 3 steps as you prepare your Marketing for Autumn 2021 your business should be able to survive the season’s uncertainties and flourish like wild rabbits do.