Have you heard about What the New Year means for your market?

Every owner of a small business needs to be alert to any changes in their marketplace .Many will wonder, “What the New Year means for your market?

The focus of this blogpost is he ways that you can discover what the New Year means for your market. Therefore,  In this post you will learn why social listening can be a key tool that can help you to know what the New Year will mean for your business.

Furthermore, The change of year will bring many new needs for you to solve for your customers. Personally, I’m responding to the current cost-of living pressures. You can read more about those here  .So, at a time when resources might be scarce, I have decided that I will  improve the value-for–money that my subscription clients get from me.
Therefore, I’ve decided to change the focus of my weekly Marketing Monday bulletin.
From now it will serve your needs and others like you – a segment of my audience who subscribe to my active social listening service. I will include insight to help them to get full value from their subscription.
And I’ll Additionally, I will include a Thrifty Marketing tip. You can be ready to adapt to a new market, too.

You might be able to leave some things as before. For example, your brand’s identity might be right for 2022 already?.

Therefore, I will continue to make links to the natural world to make points memorably.

Dogs are known for their sharp hearing, and I’ve chosen to illustrate today’s bulletin with an Alsatian. Because, Dogs hear a wider range of frequencies than humans and consequently humans rely on dogs to guard them against the threats. An Alsatian dog is a good image to remind you to be alert to chances to make changes to your business in 2022.

How social listening helps you know what the New Year means for your market?

1. Be alert to changes in your market:

Most importantly, by receiving your weekly feedback report. You will be up to date with the latest issues that affect your customers.

2. Product Development:

You will know what preoccupies your target audience. You will have the opportunity to offer a new solution to solve their problems as they come up in comments and questions online.

3. Anticipate the future:

The inclusion of local press monitoring in your social listening package means that you will get reports on new opportunities in West Kent.
So Social listening can underpin your Marketing in 2022. It will provide the input that you need to update your knowledge of your market. You can remind yourself how to do that process HERE  With social listening in place you can be confident that you can learn what the New Year  means for your business.

 Lisa Beaumont Thrifty Marketing Tip of the week:

You can use your customer records and relationships to ask your current clients what’s new for them? You can do that on your social platforms, too. Make sure that you listen to their replies.

Quote of the week (https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/robert_badenpowe


If you make listening and observation your occupation you will gain much more than you can by talk

Robert Baden-powell (source: https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/robert_badenpowell_177987