Dare to be different

This post describes how you can improve your Marketing when you have the courage to dare to be different.

A lesson from nature

Anoli lizards can climb vertically with agility, their unique ability means that they can survive fires and floods when other animals perish. You can focus on your own unique skill.

Therefore, it is good for your Marketing success when you highlight a feature that differentiates your product in its market. Furthermore, it can be helpful for you to tell your customers about what makes you different, even when you don’t follow a differentiation strategy.  So, it can be useful for you to keep your point of difference in mind when you consider these topics.

Topics to revisit when you have the courage to dare to be different

  • Branding, Messaging
  • Market position -v- competitors
  • Strategic Choice
  • Target Audience
  • Pricing Strategy.

An example of a brand that grew by exploiting its difference is Spotify which used its playlists feature to set it apart from i-tunes, Apple-music and other streaming services. You can dive into how it did that here.

Revisit your competitor analysis, with this mantra in mind HERE.

Therefore, when you find that you have the courage to dare to be different you will discover that your business will grow, too.