Links between Marketing and Advent

Links between Marketing and Advent might be an unusual topic for a small business-owner to consider. However, this post will explain why those links make Advent an important time for all marketers.

My reasons for choosing a rose

Today’s topic has been illustrated with a rosebud because that image captures two key themes that many people can link with Advent: waiting and stillness. Advent is a time for waiting for the big event on Christmas Day. Likewise, a flower that is in bud means that you have to wait until you can enjoy the flower in full bloom. The bud will remain still, until the petals are ready to blossom.

In December 2021, I will send you a short email each Monday morning which will be easy for you to digest in the busy, festive season. It will contain:

  • A Marketing mantra with links to those Marketing tools which apply to the memorable statement.
  • An explanation of the mantra with a clear statement about its links to Advent.

There are two aspects of the Marketing process that show the links between Marketing and Advent.

Links between Marketing and Advent

1. Anticipation

Most Importantly, Marketing and Advent share their focus on the need to look ahead. A key task in Marketing Planning is the need to think ahead for your market. You should aim to find out what your customers will need next so that you can prepare your product, in order to satisfy them when it is needed. This is why it is important for you to keep on top of the trends that might affect your market in the future. Recently I have found this report from ContentCal useful for thinking ahead about next year’s likely behaviour online. You might find its tips useful, too. ContentCal’s blog about predictions for social-media in 2022; you can read it here.

2. Stillness

Secondly, the frantic activity that you might link to Advent with its shopping, preparations and partying leads towards the stillness of Christmas Eve on which the carol “Silent Night” captures the core meaning of Christmas for many people. For many, you might find that Christmas can begin properly when the activity and hard work ends. Likewise in Marketing, all your research, development and planning can take you to a point where you need stillness to listen to your customers before you can grow. You can remind yourself of why that is so important for you to keep your Marketing quiet in this blogpost here.

I hope that you will enjoy my Marketing Advent Advice emails during the countdown to Christmas. Meanwhile, enjoy your Christmas preparations and keep up with your clients’ last-minute needs too.

You can recall these links between Marketing and Advent when you plan your time for the next month with care to give space for seasonal anticipation and stillness.