Thrifty ways to build your presence

Many  owners of  a small business rely upon being well known in their locality.

Therefore, it is very important that you know these thrifty ways to build your presence.

This blogpost will give you 5 thrifty ways to build your presence.

Previously, I have explained to you that getting noticed is the first step in successful selling.

I covered that issue in my recent series of blogs that explained the AIDA model for selling . You can remind yourself of that here .

It is important that you recognise the significance of promotions for making your business a success.

Why is promotion so important?

It is an activity that you do throughout the year whenever your business has some news to share. Your news might be anything that is of interest to your customers, such as a new product, a new price offer, a new way to find you, or even a new seasonal campaign.

You have the option to adapt how you share your core message so that you can direct it to multiple segments of your audience.
This task is of particular relevance now as we emerge from the worst of the pandemic. You need to show your audience the ways in which you have adapted your business to reflect society’s changes post-pandemic

Prof. Paul Fifield explains:

“Promotions is the primary communications element of the Marketing Mix. The objectives that can be set for promotional activity must be of the communications nature. In other words, promotion, including personal selling, cannot actually sell your product/service on its own.”
(p. 234, Marketing Strategy, Prof Paul Fifield, Butterworth Heinemann, 1992)

He continues by listing examples of the purposes of promotional activity. The most important task is to generate awareness and interest in your business. That’s why it is critical that you commit your time to promotions when you seek to build your presence.

I have illustrated this topic with the intricate nest of a South African weaver bird because those birds go to extreme lengths to attract the attention of a female mate. Likewise, it is important that you invest time and effort to build your presence. My thrifty tips mean that you can do this without spending lots.

There are two pillars in the Thrifty Marketing approach that are ideal for a Promotions task: PR and Spoken Word. Both these techniques require that you have a strong story to share with your target audience. What can you do if you don’t have a strong story to share?

21st Century Marketing relies on digital platforms for its implementation. Consequently, that medium gives you the freedom to create and spread your own story.

Currently, the local news is dominated by charitable initiatives that stem from the pandemic’s impact on how people rate the importance of community. You can capitalise on the drive to build back better.

5 Thrifty Tips To Build Your Presence:

1. Take advantage of Charitable Marketing:

Associate your business with a cause that you and your target customers care about. Do any of the causes in the local media spotlight resonate with you and your brand’s values? If so, how can you share your expertise to support it? You can make links with the organiser to find out if there’s an opportunity for you to become a sponsor or supporter of the project.

Subsequently, you can benefit from the halo-effect surrounding their publicity. Plus you can create your own story, this is charitable marketing it delivers benefits for many.

2. Host an event:

Secondly, you can host an event that can be attended by a celebrity or local MP. For example, if you are opening new premises or beginning construction in some way. That can earn media coverage.

3. Find speaking opportunities:

Many groups welcome a guest speaker – take your story to share it with them.

4. Use the zeitgeist:

Next, you can Stay tuned to the spirit of the age and use it to your own advantage. My active social listening permits me to form a clear view of the themes that dominate my clients’ markets during the previous week. I can guide them towards a popular theme that will help their business to grow.

5. Use a hashtag:

Wise use of hashtags can increase your visibility. You can dive into hashtags with Mike Sherwood here.

Each of these thrifty tips will give you the chance to create your own content which you can share in your social media feeds.

These five ways to build your presence will mean that your customers will become aware of your service.

Like a weaver bird’s intricate nest is used to intrigue its mate, your promotional activity will draw interest from your customers that you can convert into a sale.