Ways to create awareness

It is a key task for every business to know the best ways to create awareness of their product/service.

This post explains why awareness is the first step towards making a sale and will give you 6 ways to create this awareness.

Developing a sales process that’s led by marketing is a method for you to deliver satisfaction to your customers. You can do this by applying the model called AIDA.

What is AIDA?

The letters help you to remember: Attention, Interest, Desire and Action. It is a tried and trusted model that describes personal selling. AIDA was developed in 1898 and describes the customer’s journey towards purchase so well, that it remains handy today, 125 years later. Here’s a picture of this simple model.

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I like to use an image of flowers that attract bees for pollination.

I like this metaphor, because it captures the idea that a sales process will make everyone happy. The flower is pollinated to ensure its reproduction, the bees receive food from nectar and pollen.

You want your customers to notice you.

Lavender has developed a strong scent that is loved by bees to give them an edge ahead of all other flowers in attracting those pollinators. Your challenge is to find a message that will be as compelling for your customers, as lavender-scent is for bees.

Usually, it can be useful for you, to spread your message widely, as well as to a specific target group. This is where traditional advertising got its image for shouting loudly. Nowadays you can use these tips for broadcasting to a mass audience or narrowcasting to a niche target group.

Here are 6 ways to create awareness inspired by the scent of lavender:

1. Relevance:

Nothing captures attention more than when information is shared in a relevant context or conversation. It can be helpful to tap into conversations, that are relevant to you, while they’re happening online. That’s why my active-social- listening technique has proved successful for delivering high – quality leads to my clients.

2. Collaborations:

Find ways for others to promote you. It is a good idea to establish partnerships with other businesses, that serve your target group. They will help to spread your message on your behalf. Select your partners and sponsor others with care.

3. Awards:

All types of award can help you to be noticed. In particular, an award from organisations, like KWIBA21 and Muddy Stillettos bring extra benefits, because it is promoted widely by the organiser.

4. Twitter:

Twitter is a powerful platform, that is linked to notoriety, because it has an enormous reach with few barriers to entry. In April 2021, there were nearly 400 million people using twitter globally. (source Andy Lambert, Content Cal/ Hootsuite).

5. Celebrity/ Influencer

Importantly, It is a good idea for you If you to develop links with a celebrity, who is relevant to your audience. You will be able to benefit from their status and their audience. Here’s an excellent example from a local business you can read about their phenomenal success here.

6. Press & PR:

Finally, earned-media coverage is a good way to spread the word about your business. Many people can discover your offer, if it is mentioned in an article in a relevant publication. I’ve covered this separately in the past. You can catch-up on my post, how to master the narrative of your business with PR here

If you use these thrifty ways to create awareness of your message your audience will begin to notice what you do.