Master the narrative for your business with PR

PR is a fundamental element in Marketing Communications planning. It’s all about reputation management and is a chance to spread your message in the media. All coverage affects what people think and say about you. Flies tend to have a poor reputation, known for spreading disease, but it might soon be time to reconsider the reputation of flies. In the future, it’s likely that fly larvae will be bred and harvested as a sustainable source of protein. Larvae will be dried and ground into flour for making protein-rich products like biscuits. Maggot farming is already underway in South Africa. Flies are likely to become a key source of nutrition for the planet, so be prepared to reconsider flies.

In a similar way, artificial intelligence might undergo a shift in popular perception from being sinister and potentially threatening, to becoming a valued asset in improving our society. For example, the use of AI in healthcare will improve patient outcomes and treatment in anticipation of illness setting in. From a negative position, a reputation can shift and change, thanks to wider awareness and knowledge.

The benefits of using PR to shape your reputation include:

• Authority. If you choose the host publication with care, your message will be trusted, thanks to the readers’ relationships with the publication.
• Virulence. A compelling story well-told is likely to be repeated and passed onto others, thereby spreading further.
• Depth. Unlike an advertisement, a newspaper/magazine article provides space to deliver detailed information.
• Engagement. The reader will feel that they have chosen to consume your message, unlike with an advertisement which interrupts and is forced upon the reader.
• Low-cost. If you take time to develop a relationship with key journalists, it is possible to secure coverage without any cost. PR is a fundamental tool in my personal approach to thrifty marketing, because it can be achieved with no cost. Hence the mantra, “Earned media trumps paid media”.  It’s far better to obtain space in a publication because you’ve got something of value for its readers than to pay for the space on the page. Earn your coverage, save your money, and deliver value to the readers.

To discuss how to earn media coverage for your business, please consider booking a visit at my next Marketing Clinic event on May 16th in the café at Trinity Theatre, Tunbridge Wells.