4 tools to get you back to business


Following any period of  change in their market’. A small business owner needs to know how to get back to business swiftly. This post  describes 4 tools to get you back to business in the current circumstances.

I have chosen to illustrate this  topic with the flower mimosa pudica. It is known for being the most sensitive plant as its leaves curl and close when touched by any other organism. I would like to use this idea of sensitivity while considering this Marketing advice.
In this After any period of change it will be extremely important to remain sensitive to your customers’ needs. Because It is likely that they will continue to change in the until a status quo is reached.
Here are  4 tactical marketing tools to get back , they are tactical because they should each be considered as short-term solutions for delivering a long-term strategy. The strategic choice for reaching your business goal should remain unchanged.

Four tactical marketing tools to help you to get back to business

You can consider making short-term changes within each of the four main pillars of Marketing:
1. Product:

Do you can  revisit the adaptations you have made for the disruption Which of these adaptations are worth keeping?

Before you get back to business. A product portfolio analysis can help you to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of your product formats. Revisit how to carry out a product portfolio analysis in this blogpost HERE

2. Price:

Would it be helpful to encourage customers to return by offering loyal clients a discount voucher? Consider the price/value relationship for your product range and features. Has your product become more highly valued during the disruption? If so, can you offer loyal customers privileges not discounts such as priority booking or access to your advice?

3. Place

: has the experience of the disruption changed where your customers might look for your product? For example, Do you need try new ways for delivering your product/service to clients?

4. Promotion:

In 2020/21 Digital platforms or  have became more important than ever and this means that online promotion has also grown in its importance as described in this blogpost from my associates at Colley Raine first published as we emerged from the first lockdown in Spring 2020, it has become a timeless piece of advice on how brands can survive the  upheaval, like the Covid pandemic. You can read it here.

Digital marketing posts can be developed quickly and altered to reflect your customers’ immediate needs unlike, for example, print campaigns.

If you apply these 4 tactical ,marketing tools you will be able to get back business.