Enjoy Marketing in summer

*|It is important for any business owner to know that you can enjoy Marketing in summer months.

In Previously, I have explained to you how the annual cycle in marketing mimics the passage of nature in your garden. You can remind yourself about that topic, here
That article tells you that summer is a time for you to enjoy looking at the results of your work from the first six months. In today’s email you will find my recommendations for your marketing activity in summer These three steps will mean that you will be ready to allocate your resources wisely for the remainder of the year.

Meanwhile, you will have the key which will mean that you can enjoy marketing in summer.

3 important steps for you to enjoy marketing in summer.


1. Calculate your financial performance.

Firstly, you may have completed your half-year review already. If not, please take this article as a prompt for you to do it soon. Islay O’ Hara has her own mantra, “you must plan to plan”, so that you can stay in control of your business. Her emails give me timely prompts for my planning schedule.

You can find out about Islay here .

2. Examine your performance.

Secondly, when you know about your profitability it is important that you take time to examine what went well for you. You must aim to repeat those actions which have been profitable and correct any which have led to a loss.
Therefore, your main marketing activity for summer is to take time to reflect upon this year’s performance so far.

3. Product portfolio analysis:

Third, review which of your product lines have flourished. For my own business, I could see swiftly that my success has come from my marketing activity in the health and neurological sectors instead of from small businesses and sole traders. You can remind yourself how to identify your star products here .

Therefore, I know that looking ahead it will be important for me to channel my time into those two types of client.
When I revisited my portfolio analysis I could see that my products had changed in terms of their importance .
When you take those 3 steps to  for your marketing activity in summer.  I hope that you will find it  equally rewarding.

Therefore, on slow, warm, summer days use your time to: reflect, examine and plan.
It’s good for you and your business to slow down in summer. Enjoy looking at your business bulbs in bloom. You can listen to your customers by resting when they’re on holiday, too.