4 tips to get value from social listening

Here are four ways that business owners can get value from social listening.

I call my proprietary approach active social listening.

I distinguish my service from the passive options that others recommend, like Luan Wise.  She encourages her clients to monitor their online mentions with automated Google alerts. Although I agree that it is useful to monitor your brand’s online mentions efficiently I recommend that the best way to get value from social listening is to make it an active process. Even better is to master these methods for finding value, whenever customers have their say.

I  chose the elusive kingfisher to illustrate this topic because a kingfisher will always be heard prior to being spotted. It has a piercing cry. Bird spotters will listen for its cry before looking for it.

Likewise, you can often hear changes in your marketplace in the words of your customer base before they are revealed in your trading results.

Here are my 4 tips on how to get value from social listening:

1. You can gain a competitive advantage:

Firstly, you can look out for Comments about competitors these comments  can reveal an opportunity for you. There is a wealth of information in any social post that asks for recommendations and the thread that follows the enquiry. An active listener  can  to capture the comments and position your brand correctly as a result. You will have a competitive edge ahead of your rivals by knowing what’s being said about both them and you.

2. Added value:

Secondly, your target audience’s questions and comments may indicate something extra that you can offer them. You can them to stay ahead of their needs.

3. The language:

Thirdly, the words that your customers expect to hear from you. An active listener will notice the different terms used by types of customer. You can craft your message to match your audience’s language.

4. Deliver qualified leads to your pipeline:

Finally, an active listener understands that enquirers are genuinely interested in your product or service. You can focus your effort on converting those leads that have already indicated an interest in your business.

If you apply these four tips to the comments that you hear from customers you will enjoy the benefits that mean that you will get value from listening to your customers online or elsewhere.

If you would like to find out more about my active social listening service, you can do that here