How to get results from local advertising

In this blogpost I give you my tips on the topic how to get results from local advertising.

Every business owner who comes to see me will know that I warn them against spending money on advertising, without speaking to me first.

That’s because I like to find alternative methods to get results using my Thrifty marketing techniques that can save you money. I have an informed view from a career in advertising research. I explain that a little in my interview with Emma Langridge of Bramley Business Solutions which you can watch here .

Nevertheless, I recognise that sometimes it is worth investing in print advertising.

When it is handled properly, local advertising can work very well. You must handle it with care, like the delicate catnip plant. If you take note of my tips on how to get results from local advertising you might find that your customers find your message as irresistible as catnip.

 5 top tips on how to get results from local advertising.

1. Select publications with care:

Most importantly, you must be choosy about which publication you select. It is wise to read the paper before you spend any money with its publisher. You can ask yourself some simple questions: Does it contain articles that will attract my clients? Is it produced to satisfy its readers or to generate income for the owner? Choose trusted titles such as village or parish magazines.

2. Think small is beautiful:

Secondly, the power of local advertising lies in its highly precise, targeted distribution. That means that a relevant publication might not boast about big numbers for its metrics. When you choose publications with care, you can reach the specific audience that you seek, you might not need to reach a mass market. A highly-targeted local journal has the power to connect you with the clients you seek.

3. Think about relationships:

Significantly, a local community will tend to trust its own publication. Therefore, your message will gain credibility thanks to it being seen in a trusted publication. You are likely to benefit from the ripple effect where the local community will take notice of your business thanks to your support of their neighbourhood paper.

4. Multiplier effects:

Next, good news travels fast in a small community. If one person responds to your advertisement and likes your service, they are likely to tell others nearby. Soon you might get business through word-of-mouth referrals.

5. Include key local details:

Also, this might sound obvious but if your advertisement contains clear local contact information it will make it easy for the reader to respond and their journey towards you will be smooth. For example, if your premises are hard to find you can refer to a local landmark.  Those details can reinforce that you are part of a shared community in your locality.

If you follow these points, you will know how to get results from local advertising.