Free systems for growth

It is important for your business for you to know about systems for growth at all times.

However, it is of particular relevance in 2022. At a time when the airwaves have been full of news about inflation.

So, now it’s a good time for us to consider tools which can help your business to grow and which will cost you nothing.

Learn to keep records in your business like a tree has its tree rings.

This article’s  image shows the cross-section of a tree trunk which reveals its ring lines. Each year that a tree adds to its girth. It forms a new layer of cells and each ring represents a year when the tree grew in good health. You could say that trees have developed a method for keeping a record of its growth. We can learn plenty from those rings about the type of climate in which the tree grew. Tree rings are a useful by-product of the tree’s daily growth
This week I encourage you to imitate trees by finding systems for growth which cost you nothing and will add to the success of your Marketing activity in the long term. These techniques can help you to build organisational resilience. You can remind yourself of that topic from 2021’s business resilience series, here .

4 ideas for systems for growth to embed into your business processes.


1. Collect content for your Marketing Audit:

Most importantly, it is a good idea for you to organise all the news you gather about your market. It will be a handy source of data to consult each time you revisit your business planning at, for example, the change of seasons or at times of disruption. It is helpful to organise this information into sections which relate to the core tools you can use to analyse your position in you market: PEST and SWOT.

2. Record information about your competitors:


Your success or failure is highly dependent upon the actions of your competitors. It is crucial that you monitor their activities and their customers closely. It will reveal your strengths and your opportunities.


3. Save feedback from your customers:

You can harvest all the comments you get – both the positive and negative ones. You can use the positive ones to help in promotions as testimonials (with permission) and the negative ones to help address which issues which need to be solved.


4. Establish a system for call-reporting:

Every conversation that you have with a customer will be packed with details about their customer journey that could be useful for you to establish opportunities for growth.
It is helpful to embed a system into your daily business activities that makes it easy for you to capture those details. These systems for growth do not add any extra cost to introduce. Instead, they become valuable records which help your growth to continue. Like the rings of a tree, you can consult your systems for growth whenever you want to review your Marketing Planning. Access to this information gives your business the flexibility it needs to be ready for shocks in your market, including the current threat of inflation.

** Lisa Beaumont’s Thrifty Marketing Tip of the Week:

Try not to let bleak economic forecasts cause you anxiety in your business life, revisit your Marketing Planning in the light of how this news will affect your market. Make your plans now, so that you will be equipped to combat those shocks, should they affect you?
Quote of the week. It is helpful for you to keep these words from the futurist, Jamais Cascio in mind:

Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected. Sustainability is about survival. The goal of resilience is to thrive”. available at,

When you can embed these systems for growth into your daily business activities. You will have the capability to respond to any unexpected events which will affect your market.