5 tips to save energy and grow

Nature reminds us that there are times when the right action is to save energy. In autumn  manytrees lose their leaves in preparation for winter.  Therefore, this article  will give you my ideas on how you can save energy in your business.
If you save energy in autumn, it will mean that you will be more resilient to survive the cold, dark days of winter which you know will start soon. So, the emblem for today’s topic is fallen leaves.
Last year, I shared my marketing tips for British autumn. You can remind yourself of those practical actions here .
Your marketing process can follow a cycle each year which can draw its inspiration from nature’s intelligence.

five practical tips which can help you to save energy.

1. Unsubscribe from surplus emails:

Firstly, You can save energy by having fewer emails in your in-box. I recommend that you can make time between September and December to reflect on each bulk email that you get. You can unsubscribe from any which no longer deserve your time or interest.

2. Stick to a clear plan:

When you have a clear plan written for your business, you can save energy by not having any worries about what you need to do next. A clear plan gives you reassurance.

3. Update your Marketing Audit to reflect the season:

You can save energy by making time to revisit some key marketing tools. If you conduct analyses using two tools in your Marketing toolbox, PEST and SWOT, will mean that your actions will respond to your customers latest needs.

4. Seek help:

You can save energy by delegating tasks to others. Additionally, you can find time-saving platforms online. For example, my clients have begun to use Otter to record notes of online meetings. You can dive into that time-saver here .  Here is a new video testimonial from a client whose business grew, after he accepted help from my Thrifty-Marketing techniques. Watch video

5. Just say “No”:

In Autumn, you can save energy by having confidence to say “No” to anything which is unreasonable. You can rid your business of any clients or suppliers who take more than they give to you. Nor do you need to accept every invitation unless it fits your clear plan.
When you apply these five tips to , you will discover that your focus on efficiency will make your business more productive before winter sets in.

Here’s a video from one client who asked me for help watch video