3 ways to astonish your customers


In this post, you will find 3 ways to astonish your customers. It builds on the articles from each article in my  2022. The series on delivering value for your clients is available to view in my Resources Centre here 

Previously, we considered how to close  the sale with ease.  So, today I would like you to consider how you can continue to deliver value to your customers after the sale has been completed. In this article, I will give you some ideas on ways that you can astonish your customers.

You might know that it is not enough for you to deliver customer satisfaction. In a competitive market you need to work hard to retain your customers and trigger them to share your message via word-of-mouth recommendations. Satisfaction is the minimum that you can give to your clients. Satisfaction means that you have delivered all that you had promised at the agreed price. So if you want to outperform your competitors you must aim to do more than simply deliver the product or service they ordered.

That’s why I chose to illustrate this topic with a red rose. A rose can be more than a flower. It gives the recipient its fragrance, its petals for decorations and it is a symbol of love. It delivers far more than an average flower.

Similarly, You can astonish your customers when you deliver something that exceeds their expectations. When you have an exceptional experience it is natural to want to share it with others. You can find out how to astonish your customers by listening to their feedback in-store and online.

3 ways to astonish your customers

1. After-sales service:

Most importantly, you need to be ready to resolve any problems after your client has paid their money. For example, they might not know how to use the product or service they have purchased from you. You can put mechanisms in place which make it easy for them to ask you any follow-up questions

.Consequently,  Many companies have recognised the benefits of having an easy channel of communication with their customers in-store, by phone and on-line. It is thanks to their accessibility for customers that Pets At Home was able to move ahead of John Lewis in the rankings for customer service published in January 2022 available for you to see here .


When you make it easy for customers to contact you, you hear their problems or complaints and you can swiftly respond. So, when you provide an efficient after sales service, you will be able to exceed their expectations with your responsiveness.

2. Anticipate their needs:

Secondly, As marketers we must be ready to provide our clients with what they might need next. You can think about the service that your clients might need after they finish today. For example, if you encourage them to practise a new technique, like breathing in yoga and meditation, you can provide online videos for them to consult until they see you again. In this way you can continue to deliver value to your clients after their treatment is complete. You can astonish your customers by helping them to keep that feeling of well-being throughout the week after they have left your clinic. I will explore this point in depth in another post in this series.

3. Develop an in-depth knowledge of your customers:

Next, When you know your customers extremely well by listening to them closely, you will be able to work with them so closely that they might think you can read their mind. Online sales platforms can do this when they make use of algorithms which use lots of data to predict what you might like to buy next. An offline service business can do it by developing a Marketing Information System. You can remind yourself about the importance of having a good Marketing Information system here . When you know your customers so well that you can predict their needs, you will find that you can astonish your customers by being in tune with their needs at the right time.

When you make the extra effort to exceed your customers’ expectations your business will grow along with your good reputation. Your astonished customers will tell their friends about your exceptional service. In the words of the businessman Michael Le Boeuf:
“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all.”

** Lisa Beaumont’s Thrifty Marketing Tip of the Week
Keep in regular contact with your customers to make it easy for them to tell you what they need long after their original purchase.