Do you know these ways to create interest?

When you want to use marketing techniques to sell your product/service you need to know about the four ways to  create interest that I describe in this blogpost.

It is the second post in my series that explains how to sell with the marketing model, AIDA.

Previously, you have learned that, lavender uses its scent to attract bees. You can remind yourself of that step, attraction, here.

Its next tactic is to use its colour to cement their curiosity. These flowers are the right shade to fit bees’ visual spectrum.

Lavender has made a special effort to give bees the nectar that they want.

As your customers’ journey moves through the stages of the AIDA model for personal selling you need to be there to respond to them throughout the process. Once you’ve got their attention you will need to develop it into interest by making a special effort to meet their needs.

You can do this by offering them some more content. In-bound, digital marketing is all about sharing relevant content that your customer can find when they look to solve the problem that you can help them with. Whenever you share relevant content, you must be very alert to their reactions to your activities. You can share a blogpost via your social platforms, in an email distribution, or reshare posts from others when they’re relevant. Then you will have an opportunity to develop any interest that’s shown in your posts.

4 ways to create more interest in your product or service:

1. Q&A

In every context you can invite questions from your audience, just be certain that you respond to each with a personalised response.

2. Follow-up online engagements

Whenever a new contact engages with you online, you should take time to notice their effort and give thanks. Perhaps you can match their support by sharing or liking their posts with your network, too. In LinkedIn, it might be appropriate for you to send a connection request? In an audio-led platform like Clubhouse it makes sense to send a follow-up message to those people whose rooms you have enjoyed.


When you share extra content via a free download, harvest the email addresses of those people who took your freebie. They must be curious about your topic, if they have made the effort to download it and share their details with you. You can move this connection forward by asking them for feedback and invite their questions about the download.

4. Mailing lists

Finally, it is important that you deliver high-quality content consistently that will meet your readers’ needs and keep you at the forefront of their mind. Aim for your mailings to be an email that your contacts anticipate with pleasure. Similarly it is important that you should tidy your subscriptions regularly. Do not remain subscribed to anything, that you don’t genuinely want to receive.