How to be loved by your customers

A business will grow strong when it has developed good relationships with its customers.

Therefore, let’s think about the importance of being loved by your customers. You will know that those customers who choose you ahead of any other supplier are recognisable by their loyalty to your brand. That’s why I’ve borrowed this romantic illustration of swans entwined to form a heart shape from a blogpost I wrote in 2020 You can remind yourself of the full post here
The key point that article makes is that loyalty matters in business. It is the customers with whom you bond most strongly who become the most profitable over the long term. Listening to your customers helps to reinforce that close relationship.

3 ways How listening helps you to be loved by your customers:

1. Notice their support

Firstly, your loyal customers will be your loudest champions online. Moreover, Those customers will be keen to share your details with their friends and neighbours on social platforms. When they do it reinforces the strength of their bond to your brand. Their advocacy on your behalf shows that they are prepared to stake their reputation amongst their own contacts on the quality of your service. It is wise for you to be aware of which of your customers are happy to share your details with their contacts. An active listener will give them thanks on your behalf. Your customer will be glad that they made the effort to share if they see that you recognise their kindness.

2. Respond to online engagement.

Secondly, it is easy to miss the positive messages that you receive online when your audience gives your posts likes and comments. A good listener will help you to capture those responses so that you can develop an idea which is particularly popular. Your customers will be thrilled to see that you will act in response to their support .

3. Don’t underestimate the value of kind gestures online:

Every heart symbol that your posts receive will help to drive your online visibility by telling the algorithm that your content is good. It is helpful when a listener spots your popular posts. They can give you feedback on what your audience wants to hear from you in future. Therefore, listening attentively to your customers online means that over time you will develop your relationship with them and become loved by your customers. By making them feel like they are loved in return, they will buy your service over and over again.

Consequently, in this week’s ‘Quote of the Week’ I encourage you to recall these words from Mother Theresa:

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is beginning of love. ” (available at
Small gestures of recognition matter when you want to be loved by your customers in a life-long bond like paired swans. Lisa Beaumont Thrifty Marketing Tip of the Week:
Use your customer knowledge to create a priority group of loyal customers.