Find 5 good reasons to do less work, not more

It is useful for you to be aware of these 5 good reasons to do less work, not more.  You will discover that taking a break brings benefits and that your business will continue to grow. Sloths have used their inactivity as a survival strategy for 64 million years.

The inactivity of sloths has often been mistaken for laziness. By contrast, some researchers believe that their inactivity is a clever survival strategy.

Here are 5 reasons to do less work as inspired by sloths:

1. Control

Firstly, when you take a break you can experience whether you are in control of your business. When you take time away from your business, you will see how it gets on without you. Sloths have evolved a perfect metabolic balance, that allows them to live with minimal inputs. Your business can aim for this level of control, too.

2. Perspective

Next, when you are far away from your business activities you can see the big picture more easily. Sloths live high up in the tree canopy that position protects them from predators.

3. Understand the essentials

Like sloths you can reduce your activities. Assess which parts of your business suffered during your break. For any aspects that suffered, you will know that you must prioritise these and make plans to delegate those actions in the future. For example, I realised that I didn’t miss any crucial emails so I can stop checking my emails frequently throughout the day from now on.

4. Productivity

Meanwhile, by focussing on doing what is essential, in the future you will have more time and energy for other activities.

5. New energy

Finally, upon your return, you should feel that you can bring new energy and fresh-thinking to your business. After a break you can use your fresh-thinking to do things differently and better than others, just like sloths which have out-smarted other mammals for 64 million years. 

Taking a break is good for your own health, as well as your business’.  You can find tips on self-care in business from Sarah Berthon at Excel Against The Odds here 

When you recognise these good reasons for doing less work you will be able to plan your next break happily.

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