New ways to make connections in marketing

This post describes new ways to make connections in marketing. The success of any economy large or small relies on the interdependence of all organisations within it. It is important that each business owner recognises the value of their relationships with others.

Why did I choose a field of corn?

Research has shown that corn seedlings communicate via their roots to protect the crop from threats by secreting chemicals into the soil. (source: Velemir Ninkovic). Ninkovic is an ecologist at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala. Significantly, his research study reveals that plants recognise the value of interdependence.  All connections have the potential to be mutually beneficial. 

New ways to make connections throughout the marketing process:

You can consider making new connections within each of the four main pillars of Marketing. You can do this either strategically or tactically in response to an immediate opportunity.

1. Product:

Firstly, choose your manufacturing partners with care. Some suppliers can offer superior connections based on their experience. For example, my health tech client chose a software developer with experience in the health tech sector who knew about the design challenges unique for health tech to obtain accreditation from official bodies. This must be a strategic decision  before you begin.

2. Price:

Secondly, your price point will locate you in your customers’ perceptions alongside competitors in your marketplace. You can learn from your competitors’ strategies and how you can differentiate your product for a given price. It might be helpful to explore collaborative projects with them, a merger or strategic partnership? This approach has driven the growth of the pharmaceutical industry in Britain.

3. Place:

Finally, where you choose to sell your product/service will give you the chance to connect with customers and fellow-retailers. Online-v-high street where you might develop strength, if similar businesses cluster together? (e.g. Hatton garden is a renowned location for jewellers).

4. Promotion:

Equally important, when you promote online there are several ways that it is helpful for your business to make connections that can help you to succeed without additional cost. For example, you can embed an outbound link in your blogs to direct your readers towards a relevant business with whom you collaborate. The link will improve your SEO performance. I learned this technique from Mike Sherwood and Emma Langridge. You can deep dive into Mike’s SEO expertise at Here. Moreover, Mike urges everyone to prioritise user experience above beating the latest algorithmic requirements. Emma introduced me to the Yoast plugin for my WordPress site.  So, I rely on Yoast for my SEO optimisation.

Remember, it is good to make supportive connections by attending networking events online or in person and by participating in their Facebook groups.  Many groups are happy to refer new clients to members whenever it is relevant. For a recap on the power of networking which I have covered previously, you can read this blog on how to make connections to drive business growth.

More connections lead to more referrals and clients.

Therefore, it is important for you to master the many ways to make connections throughout your marketing activity so that your business enjoys continuing growth. It will be by recognising the interdependence of all organisations that recovery will spread as we emerge post-pandemic.