Ways to trigger action from your customers

Marketers must know these ways to trigger action from your customers.

In this post you will learn some ways to engage with your customers as they complete their journey through the AIDA selling model.

You can revisit the earlier steps here:

Whenever they take action it is proof that they are happy to engage with your brand and it will bring them closer to making a purchase from you.

Continuing my lavender/ bee analogy, bees will take the action lavender needs when they pollinate flowers as a by-product of their feeding process.

After it visits the flower, the bee can capture the flower’s pollen in its hairy legs. Its main act will be to transfer the pollen between the male and female parts of flowers so that pollination occurs.

The bee will be rewarded for its efforts by feeding on the sweet nectar. It is an enjoyable process for the bee, which might visit up to 5000 flowers in one day to feed and spread pollen.

Lavender will achieve its goal of reproduction while the bees can satisfy their hunger for nectar.

Likewise, Your customer can remain at the heart of every CTA (call to action).

Actions should always be enjoyable and rewarding for your customers.

 6 ways to trigger action from your customers:

1. Risk-free:

First, keep the action simple so that they risk nothing by responding to it.

2. Be generous:

Satisfy their needs you can give them what they want by sharing free content or samples this gives proof that you can deliver what you say.

3. Make it fun:

Next, you can tap into your customers’ language, interests and humour.

4. Competition:

A competition can be a fun way to engage your audience for them to win your give-away on social platforms you can use the tag feature to spread your message widely such as tag 6 friends to enter. Make it easy. Always make the next step easy for them to take. Use bright, clear buttons.

5. Be helpful:

Show them where to go next. You can explore this topic more deeply by reading this useful post from Richard Worsfold here.

6. Be trustworthy and reliable:

Finally, your reputation and your consistency matter so that customers will not feel that they’re being tricked into taking action. WARNING – I suggest that you avoid click-bait messages they will appear to be manipulative.

If you use these 6 ways to trigger action from your customers they can engage with you risk-free and be rewarded for their actions. They will gradually develop a closer tie with your brand.


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