Places to tell your business story

As a business-owner you have  an opportunity to use the power of your own voice to tell your business story.

This blogpost develops the tactic of promotions that I addressed previously in the post called Thrifty Ways to Build Your Presence. You can remind yourself of that here.

Those tips focused on ways to generate PR stories that can earn media coverage and build your reputation. So, today’s post will give you a list of places where you can tell your business story to drive awareness of your business.

I have chosen to tap into the success of blue tits for this topic. They are one of Britain’s most common birds, with an estimated population of around 3.4 million pairs (source: the Woodland Trust). They use their birdsong to breed successfully.

Likewise, you can mimic their success if you take your story to your customers by giving talks.

Three places to tell your business story inspired by blue tits

1. Community organisations

These groups do not welcome overt, business promotions. However, if you have a relevant story to share you can approach community-spirited organisations such as Rotary, Lions, Village Associations, and WI. These service groups have their own goals to meet. You might be able to find a mutually beneficial opportunity? Sometimes, it might be appropriate to approach a school to share your information.

2. Contribute to a podcast

You can look for a podcast that is relevant to your field. For example,  I was interviewed by a fellow stroke survivor, Martin Warrillow. You can listen to my stroke story on Spotify.

Consequently, it explains how I founded my business venture by setting up West Kent’s Different Strokes Peer Support Group.

Last week, I contributed to a podcast for Excel Against the Odds, a short contribution can be less daunting than a full interview. There is also a monthly story-telling podcast for business owners: The Business Diaries. You can find it on LinkedIn via its co-host, Islay O’Hara.

3. Networking groups online or in-person

You can introduce your business with a one-minute pitch, or occasionally there will be an opportunity to share your knowledge via a presentation. A particularly supportive group in West Kent is Women in Business West Kent, find full details about it in its LinkedIn group here 

You can build your business by using your voice when you make use of these places to tell your business story.

Consequently, when more people have heard you speak your reputation and your business will grow.