Do you allow convention to hold you back?

Latest Marketing Mantra

Be unique when it will satisfy a customer

Many of my clients are newcomers to the business world. When you are developing a new business, it is easy to find yourself feeling restricted by conventions. This week’s mantra is intended to remind you that a marketing mindset is always led by the customer.

Recently, A potential customer had indicated that I might be of assistance to her our conversation had taken place in an informal setting I found myself in a situation wondering what might be the proper/conventional way to proceed? I sought advice from a trusted friend, about how to move the conversation onto a business-footing. Her wise, experienced guidance did not feel right to me, despite her far greater experience than mine I pondered my reluctance to follow her advice, until my marketing mindset finally kicked in I realised what I should do to satisfy the enquirer’s needs.

Lemurs are highly unusual members of the primate family, our distant cousins, an ideal emblem to remind you to go your own way, they evolved on the island of Madagascar where they survive thanks to a leaf-based diet, they have two tongues. There is little that’s conventional about these primates, they’ve flourished in isolation. There are over one hundred species. What do they teach us?

Being different can reap its own rewards.

Stay focused on your purpose

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