A guide to planting bulbs to develop your business when you’re busy

Informed gardeners know that if you want to fill your garden with colour next spring, you should plant bulbs from October to December, before the first frost arrives.  It may be cold and grey in England, but it’s a good time to get your plans underway for a flourishing business performance next year.  This week, alongside being busy with meetings with clients, I have taken the following actions to plant the dormant bulbs for my business to develop next year:

1. Caught up with sending out an outstanding invoice
2. Checked dates for my planned clinic events for next year
3. Developed a relationship with the aim of generating PR for myself

Each of these actions has been necessary to allow me to plan for next year, so each has been like planting a bulb.  Not much to show for my efforts yet, but in a few months’ time, there should be a reward in the middle of winter.  When you’re very busy with your daily activities, it might feel like the outlook for your business is as bleak as the grey weather, but if you think ahead and plant your business bulbs now, you can be certain that your next success will be developing quietly underground for next Spring.  Ask yourself, “What is a quick task which I can complete now, which will put me in a stronger position for next year?”  That’s your business bulb which you should plant now.

For guidance about how to best nurture your business bulbs, please consider booking a slot at my next marketing clinic  in December,

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