How to approach business transformation

Any firm that keeps close to its market will always be in the process of business transformation. A caterpillar wraps itself in a chrysalis inside a cocoon to become a butterfly. The purpose of this blogpost is to give you my thoughts on how you might like to approach a period of business disruption.

Most of all, I want to enable you to feel secure during any period of disruption and the business transformation which it might entail.

I recommend that you should revisit my post from earlier in this series of posts on business resilience. Its reminder of the key marketing tools which help you to stay close to your customers’ needs is always relevant. Those tools will help you embed a process of dynamic business transformation into your business development.

During a period of business interruption, you will be like a butterfly in its chrysalis is focused on its transformation.

Keeping you and your business healthy through business transformation

Firstly, Keep a wide perspective: Remember your goal is on the far horizon, don’t allow nearby obstacles to divert you from your goal.

Next, remember to look after yourself. As the owner of your business it is important for you to take care of yourself at times of disruption. Seek support when it is needed.

Stay informed about sources of support. For example, check advice that’s offered by  the Federation of Small businesses and support for the self-employed and freelancers from

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