How to be authentic in a virtual world

Brands need to communicate differently when the marketplace has moved online and customer-contact is virtual.  This post will explain for brands how to be authentic in a virtual world.

Meanwhile, a time of Disruption is an ideal opportunity for you to test the reality of your brand values in practice. Most of all, I would like you to consider your authenticity. I will happily assume that every reader of this blogpost aspires to promote an authentic brand. The positioning of your brand is a strategic decision which stems from your customers, as Prof. Paul Fyfield teaches: “A successful differentiation lies not inside the organization but in the marketplace.” (Marketing Strategy, 1992 p.202).

I have accepted, reluctantly, that my brand is considered to be “inspirational”, because that’s how my customers describe me.  Please refer to my guide to brand development infographic HERE

3 Points about authenticity (published in December 2020)

First, authenticity is likely to be imperfect. It is clear that the featured image for this post, isn’t my own front door. My picture looks like this:
Certainly not as impactful as the stock high-res image!

Second, Authenticity requires the humility to share imperfections.

Third, In a virtual trading environment,

Each of us should make an extra effort. While our interactions with most people are socially-distanced and virtual it might become a temptation to rely upon a front that you present, instead of being the real you. Here are a few suggestions for you to try with your customers.

How to be authentic in a virtual trading environment

  1. Have you telephoned any of your customers recently instead of relying on electronic communication? Hearing someone’s voice can help to compensate for the absence of the usual level of contact in store or clinic.
  2. Engage in person on social media: don’t rely on a bank of scheduled posts.
  3. Be certain to practise what you preach, if you give advice to your clients, do you follow it, yourself?

With that in mind…

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