How to defend your territory

At the start of this week, I heard that a competitor had approached a client which I am currently developing for my own business.  I heard about this when I was already considering a festive blogpost about robins.

Robins are extremely territorial birds.  The sole purpose of a robin’s red breast is in territory defence.  It is not used in courtship (source:  I’d luckily found my nature analogy for this week’s blogpost, and it was by complete chance that it coincided with Christmas festivities.  The larger and older the robin, the bigger its breast, so the size of its red breast is indicative of its ability to survive and guard its hard-won territory.  In business, this might equate to publishing a client list; the longer the list the more successful the business.

How did I react when I felt that my client territory had been encroached?  I have been feeling quite pleased to have been following my own approach for developing my own marketing strategy.  My loyal readers may recall that earlier this year, I posted a blogpost about Competitor Analysis (lions-v-cheetahs).  At that point, I had made the clear decision that I would differentiate my business within the marketplace of marketing support companies by following a clear strategy of cost leadership, supported by my specialist knowledge and advanced level of professional qualification.  My focus upon incurring very few costs permits me to empathise with the predicaments of my, possibly, cash-strapped clients.  When I heard about the impostor who had approached my client, I could rest easy knowing that she charges far higher rates than I.  It was a huge relief for me to know that I have my marketing strategy researched and in place, which gives me the resilience which I need when under attack.  One tip which I will take from the robins is that henceforth, I shall include a list of my current clients, by sector, on my website.  I will advertise to others that I’m surviving and growing as my business begins its second year in operation.

If you would like to develop your own marketing strategy with me, my first marketing clinic event for 2019 will take place on Friday 4th January in the café at Trinity Theatre.

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