How to identify new leads

Once you know how to identify new leads, your sales funnel will always be full and you will have a consistent flow of new business to develop.

I chose a snowdrop to represent this activity because they are associated with the first sign of Spring each year. Most snowdrops appear in UK January-March they show their green shoots first as the garden recovers from its winter gloom.

Likewise, your new leads represent the start of recovery for any business. Snowdrop bulbs have developed underground during the dark days of winter.

Try my tips on how to identify new leads throughout the winter. Then you will be ready to develop new growth in January.

How to identify new leads inspired by the growth of snowdrops

First, you must listen to your customers, online and offline.

When you take time to engage with your target customers you will hear their requests. This is the solution that I offer with my service, social listening – you can learn what is in my other article HERE.

Listening is a key skill to master when networking, too.

For example, I was fortunate to attend Mums In Business Sevenoaks, which allowed me to meet new leads.

Next, you must have a clear proposition that describes the problem which your product solves. Your proposition will work best if expressed as a solution. Just like a snowdrop indicates the end of winter.

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