How to make a little go a long way; 6 tips for making your business more efficient

Bees have a limited supply of wax, so they must make the wax which they have stretch as far as possible.  This is why they choose to create their honeycombs out of hexagonal shapes.  The question about what is the most efficient way to divide a space into equal parts, known as “the honeycomb conjecture”, has been considered by mathematicians for thousands of years.  It was proven in 1999 by Thomas Hales, who showed the mathematical basis which explains that a network of hexagons is the most efficient way to fill a space. Clever bees!

Definition of efficiency in Marketing:  In his go-to textbook, “Strategic Marketing Management” (1992), Colin Gilligan defines marketing efficiency as doing an effective job with the resources available.  So here are my 6 tips for ensuring efficiency when you’re short of time, money, energy, or resources:

1. Prioritise – I always allocate my effort after I have considered all outstanding tasks in the importance/urgency matrix:

The area of greatest vulnerability for your business are those tasks which are high in importance, but not urgent. Those tasks are most likely to be forgotten until they become problematic and urgent; this approach to prioritising can help you to plan ahead.

2. Combine – Whenever possible combine tasks together to achieve the proverbial “two birds with one stone “ outcome.

3. Personal contacts – Don’t underestimate the value of your daily personal contacts and how they can improve your overall efficiency.

4. Shoe leather – Don’t be afraid to go out in person to distribute leaflets.  It can help you to develop personal contacts which may become valuable over time.

5. Always be open – As a solopreneur, you should never be closed for business.  You never know when an exciting opportunity might present itself to you, and you need to be open to receive it whenever this occurs.

6. Keep your objective front of mind – In order to be effective, your activities must deliver your intended goal.


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