How to measure success to thrive

If you measure success correctly it will deliver even more success.
Marketing Success is all about control, as I explained in my Marketing Mantra last year, catch up HERE 

I’ve chosen to illustrate the topic of how to measure success with a night heron. Birds which have been re-introduced to breed in a conservation region close to where I was raised, The Somerset levels. In 2017 the Somerset Wildlife Trust announced that a breeding pair of night herons had produced offspring, despite their disappearance from England in 16th, 17th Century.

4 Key actions to help you to measure success in Marketing

inspired by heron conservation:

1. First, must embark upon your Marketing Plan with clear goal-setting. You can only make a judgment on your success if you know exactly what you set out to achieve. Hence, I ask every client to write down a quantifiable, realistic goal for their business. The goal for heron-conservation was clear to create the conditions for a breeding pair to reproduce.

2. Next, you must prepare for collecting data during your activities to monitor your progress for example, if your goal is to deliver a financial amount, is it revenue or profit which you seek? You must maintain careful control of your accounting processes both income and outgoings. The herons were kept under close observation by bird-watchers. Photography was used to record the arrival of new birds. If your goal is marketing-led and customer-centric, you must embed a process for customer feedback into your customers’ journeys.

3. Monitoring effectiveness of actions. Importantly, you should track each element of your Marketing Mix. So that you can judge which of your actions has been most productive. That is why you must ask every new enquirer, “where did you get my details?” It will enable you to create a feedback loop that will show you which of your activities merit greater investment.

4. Planning to succeed: a thorough Marketing Audit followed by structured control mechanisms in your business planning to include a cycle of quarterly reviews.

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