How to protect your business

When “the only thing that is constant is change” (Heraclitus ) you must know how to protect your business so that you can avoid extra disruptions, when trading conditions are turbulent.

protect your business against change

When you put protection in place, you will need to consider your business from several angles: its customers, its finances and your legal responsibilities.

I’ve chosen an armadillo to illustrate this topic. Its name explains its relevance.

Armadillo is a Spanish word meaning “little armoured one” and refers to the bony plates that cover its head back, legs, and tail. These odd looking creatures exist in many sizes, small or large, they are an ideal creature to represent this topic about how to protect your business.

Moreover, armadillos are the only living mammals to have protective armour. They’re able to repel any would-be predators in their rainforest habitat. I encourage you to aim to make sure that your business is equally protected from harm.

3 recommendations on how to protect your business, inspired by armadillos

First you should adopt a marketing mindset .

This means that you will prioritise the needs of your customers by nurturing strong customer relationships as I described in this piece on loyalty. And you will focus on planning to anticipate their needs.

Next be certain to have your finances tightly monitored at all times. A good accountant will alert you to any changes which might affect freelancers and sole traders in the future, For example, Pippa Halfnight of creative and numbers posts helpful updates on her instagram feed. You can follow her HERE or visit her website. Those looking for a thrifty source of guidance might like to monitor free webinars in November from IPSE (The organisation for Independent Professionals and Self-Employed). Find out about their my money series of free webinars HERE.

Finally, I recommend that you should review your legal requirements quarterly, as I discovered following a talk from Patrick McGrath of at Mums In Business networking evening. I have revisited my GDPR, cookie and copyright statements for my website this week plus put terms in place with my volunteer intern.

If you consider these issues you will know how to protect your business, so that you’re as well covered as an armadillo. You will have less anxiety next year when you know that you have a resilient business which can survive whatever changes next year brings. These points about maintenance of your corporate business services may seem obvious to a capable business owner, but you can read in the press often of the penalties incurred by large companies as a result of lapses in their financial or legal probity.