Keeping things in order; The importance of a marketing information system

This week has been all about keeping my material organised for the gradual development of my website. The activity reminded me of the importance of keeping systematic control over information streams to be certain of maintaining an effective marketing process over time. So this week’s post addresses the importance of an ongoing Marketing Information System (MIS). It’s useful to track trends and developments in your market at all times. Once you note an event, it can be categorised according to whether it represents an Opportunity or a Threat for your business. For example, one of my potential clients has a business in Tunbridge Wells which could be affected by the plan for a Business Investment District (BID) which was announced this week. I will follow its development closely, maintain a file of information about the BID, and encourage clients to participate in the survey stage.

If you would like guidance on which information you should monitor for your business, please consider booking an appointment at the autumn marketing clinics o 18th October and 15th November, or email: [email protected] clinics