New ways to consider Packaging

There’s lots more to think about with packaging than plastic wrapping and brand name.  Think about it as the means to deliver your product/service to your customer.  Packaging is visible in nature.  Consider the variety of ways which plants disperse their seeds in fruits, berries, horse chestnut conkers, sycamore helicopters….. There’s a wide range of formats which achieve the same outcome of helping the plant in question to reproduce; that is its clear objective.  The plant will stick to its objective and deliver the seed in an appropriate format.  It is is free to be creative and respond to the current environment, and that’s exactly how a business should behave too, especially when you’re providing a service, not a physical product.  It’s all about how to package your skill to deliver your business objective.  I am listening carefully to the needs of my potential clients and creating solutions which fit their needs.  These solutions are different from my initial expectations, hence, I’m being creative and responding to the current environment and producing a service which will satisfy individual clients while I operate efficiently with a clearly defined product portfolio.  It is one of the huge benefits of being a solopreneur that you can stay very close to your client’s needs and adapt your offering accordingly; such flexibility is rare in the fixed world of employment.

If you would like some guidance on how best to package your product/service please consider booking a consultation with me at the October 18th Marketing Clinic in Rusthall. A few morning slots are available: or drop me an email for free advice [email protected]