An introduction to marketing for small businesses

This week has been all about delivering my services to my clients.  Sunflowers are also known as the “happy” flower because of their close association with the warmth and optimism of sunshine.  My approach to pure marketing means that I adhere closely to the definition of marketing which is given by my professional body, the Chartered Institute of Marketing:  “Marketing is the management process  responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”  The desired outcome is always to satisfy clients, hence I believe that when it’s done properly, marketing is all about making people happy.  While I was preparing this blogpost, one of my followers on my business Facebook page told me that she’s never clearly understood the difference between advertising and marketing, so let’s address that now.

Advertising is always an opportunity to pay to display information.  By contrast, marketing is a process which you can follow free of any charge.  Advertising is an optional business cost; marketing is an essential business activity which is cost-free, like picking a flower in the garden.  Remember, if you’re being charged to display your message, it’s advertising, not marketing.  It’s never relevant therefore, for a small business, sole trader, or non-profit organisation to say “I don’t have any budget to afford marketing”.  Some types of paid communication, such as sponsorship, can be extremely valuable for allowing you to find the customers who you would like to satisfy.  At times, it will be a business necessity to invest in communications wisely.  Please read my blogpost “The small business’ guide to buying advertising” before you agree to spend.

So how have I made my clients happy this week?  I initiated an opportunity for Sarah Weller to appear in The Observer newspaper last Sunday.  Having greatly enjoyed the preview of Fame, the musical, at Assembly Hall Theatre, I tweeted my recommendation to others to see this high-energy, high-quality show.

Additionally, I received another positive testimonial from a client who had attended last week’s clinic: “I can thoroughly recommend Lisa’s Marketing Clinics.  I spent 1 hour with her and it helped me to focus on what was important, plus she’s come back with some very helpful suggestions since I met her.”  Wendy Jennings

If you would like to work with me to help you to make your customers happy, please look out for the release of registrations for the autumn marketing clinics like or follow Lisa Beaumont Marketing on Facebook and @lisabmarketing on Twitter to receive priority notification or drop me an email [email protected] for free guidance.