How to prepare for the future of content creation

In the future, content planning will need to adapt to cater for the growth in speech-led platforms.

Every marketer or business-owner must anticipate changes that might affect your customers or your production processes.

Probably that you know about the need to create valuable content online which helps your customers to find you when they use search engines. That principle underpins digital or in-bound marketing.

Therefore, rather than shouting your message loudly online, you need to publish helpful content which can be found by those in need of your solution to their problem.

I am curious about the impact of speech-led platforms, how they will influence the future of content-creation and planning.

Recently, I have explored the latest social media platform, Clubhouse.

I use an image of a walnut to illustrate this topic because trees use nuts to spread its seed and its growth in the years ahead. Your content is like those seeds, the beginning of a potential sale.

My insights into the future of content-creation

Firstly, the rapid growth of the speech-only platform, Clubhouse, means that from now on I will recommend that spoken word should be included as a pillar in any content-planning activities by my clients. It will be equally  important as written texts.

Secondly, the dip-in and dip-out nature of the Clubhouse experience will mean that content will need to be considered for its suitability for continuous, conversational live-streaming, instead of making individual set pieces as you might do already for podcasts or Facebook live broadcasts. Spoken word content planning will begin to look very different in 2021 and beyond.  I recommend that you might think about continuous spoken word on a media plan and keeping the conversation going with an engaged audience.

Additionally, digital integration will be critical to the success of any campaign.

Clubhouse encourages its users to connect via social channels outside the club by using links in profiles. I foresee the necessity for spoken word content to be supplemented by written text with links in profiles to aid connection with listeners. The emphasis on interactive spoken word content will increase the need for listening services to be used strategically. This way, suppliers can hear whatever is said by their customers, competitors and thought leaders in their field. I will recommend the ratio 2:1 for the allocation of resources between content creation and listening in future.

The future of content creation will need to include speech as a pillar for how expertise can be shared with a world-wide audience on Clubhouse.

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