A guide for small businesses to maximise the impact of your marketing communications

Having written about Promotions last week, and thinking about what we can all learn from peacocks, I’ve spent this week developing my communications mechanics. Specifically, a printed flyer, my website, and blogposts, both my own and those I write on behalf of my clients. To recap, last week I described how we can learn three lessons from peacocks:
1) Display with a clear purpose
2) Integrate all elements together
3) Boost the impact with special effects, when relevant
I have kept these lessons in mind while developing my tools and from my direct experience of applying these lessons in practice, I can now share with you what I would encourage you to do. Here are guidelines to follow for each of the three peacock lessons:

1. Display with purpose
First, before you begin to craft any piece of communication, including social media posts, be clear in your mind why are you writing it. Who are you writing it for (which of your avatars or segments)? What do you want your target to do, as a result of reading or engaging with it? Include a clear call to action which tells your target what to do next. Make it easy for them to respond by removing all barriers. It may be as easy as including a link on a social media post. Look out for the now ubiquitous Eventbrite links on posts, as examples of this point.

2. Integrate all elements together
This should occur in an effortless fashion if you stay true to your brand values in all that you do and consistently incorporate your brand identity throughout. Do you have a strap line which can be repeated across all your elements? Have you developed a distinctive visual look which differentiates your product or service from others?

3. Boost to maximise impact
There are, of course, many special effects which you can incorporate if you can master them. Video and audio can help your message to stand out, or take extra time to format your posts. This week I have been learning how to format tweets using the free graphic design tool, Canva. Practice will make perfect. I like to think that the most powerful way to boost your marketing communications activities is by spending sufficient time planning and executing the distribution of the message. What is the significance of my choice of the dahlia image this week? Planting dahlias successfully is all about getting the timing right for planting as the delicate membrane which surrounds the dahlia tuber/bulb makes it sensitive to temperature and moisture levels in the soil. In the UK, early June planting is recommended. Likewise, it is critical for you to consider the timing of your communications with care. For instance, this week my forthcoming printed flyer encourages recipients to register online for a marketing clinic event in August, so obviously I must be certain that the mechanism is complete with the correct registration form available on my website with the Free Resources Centre which is described on the flyer all of which takes time and input from other team members. Planning, crafting, and distributing effective communications strategies takes time and skill. The guidelines in this post should help you to fulfil your communications objectives and to be as striking as a dahlia.
To discuss any of these points for your business please consider booking a visit at my next Marketing Clinic event on August 16th in the Daily Bread, High Street, Rusthall. Register here: https://lisabeaumontmarketing.co.uk/marketing-clinic-form/