Why it’s invaluable to have an agreed marketing strategy document in a changing world

The clocks went back this weekend.  Will the shorter hours of daylight affect your business?  This change will mainly affect only those who work outside, like my sole trader clients, a gardener and a window cleaner.  For most of my followers, the shorter days will impact their domestic life more than their business activities.  But should change matter at all?  I would like to explain why, in a fast-paced world which changes constantly, there are benefits of having a written strategy document.  These are the key points:

• You have a clear goal towards which all your effort can be directed
• You have already spent time considering the best way to reach your goal – your strategy
• As circumstances change you can adapt while sticking to your original plan
• You already know what you need to do in the long term; keep your eyes on the horizon as the sun sets early so you know where your business is heading.  As it’s put succinctly by Paul Fyfield, ”strategy is all about how an organisation will achieve its objective”. (Marketing Strategy1992, p.7).  The world around you may change, but your goal and your strategy won’t change.  It is good to remind yourself of your key tasks by re-reading your document regularly.

If you would like to develop a written marketing strategy document for your business with me, please consider booking a consultation with me on November 15th at Trinity Theatre Café , Church Road Tunbridge Wells. https://lisabeaumontmarketing.co.uk/marketing-clinic-form/