4 marketing steps you need to take at the change of season

  The change of season is a trigger for marketers to adapt their marketing mix This post will describe 4 marketing steps that you need to take... More->>

Be certain of your true goal

Every business-owner needs to be certain of their goal We hear a lot about the importance of goal-setting in business and in life Have you paused... More->>

How to begin a successful business recovery

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What is CRM for sole traders?

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How to identify new leads

Once you know how to identify new leads, your sales funnel will always be full and you will have a consistent flow of new business to develop I... More->>

Marketing tips for surviving winter

Trading conditions in winter are often difficult, or quieter than usual Many small businesses need Marketing tips for surviving winter I can... More->>

How to adapt tactics to stay relevant to your customers

"Our abilities to adapt, innovate, and learn will be a key factors in resilience and recovery" Rohit Talwar and J Walker Smith , 17 Aug 2020 ... More->>

Strategies to maximise your competitive advantage in tough times

A cactus has developed its competitive advantage, in order to grow tall and strong in an arid desert Its lack of water is akin to the possibility of... More->>

How to prepare your business to pivot

Whenever there is disruption in your marketplace, or your personal life; it is important that you're ready to pivotIt's good for your business... More->>

9 things you need to know about niche marketing

As a small business owner you'll hear many remarks about  others having a  preference for niche marketing,  but is it right for yours, or not... More->>

What is social listening?

While chatting with friends and clients about my main business service, I’ve often been asked “What is social listening and how can it assist me... More->>

How to prepare to take a new product to the market

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Why it’s invaluable to have an agreed marketing strategy document in a changing world

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Making Gap analysis work in strategic marketing planning for small businesses

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What are the P’s of the marketing mix? Key points for small businesses to consider when implementing a strategic marketing plan.

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An introduction to the value of making time for blue sky thinking

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Understanding your audience: An Introduction to Market Segmentation

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Helping your small businesses to win and grow, an introduction to competitor analysis

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Technology: friend or foe?

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An introduction to the marketing tool PEST analysis for small businesses

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How to anticipate in a fast-changing world

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The small businesses guide to media planning: Reasons why you should make time for it or seek advice

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How to identify and reach a niche target group

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Reasons for small businesses to be cheerful; Lessons in marketing from high street woes

The demise of retailers Maplins and Toys ‘R Us has been attributed, in part, to the growth in online shopping Online giants such as Amazon have... More->>

If you run your own business and feel short of time, it’s time to think more like bamboo. Here’s why.

How does bamboo decide where to direct its limited energy Plants use their cells called meristems to identify whether it’s time to focus on... More->>