If you run your own business and feel short of time, it’s time to think more like bamboo. Here’s why.

How does bamboo decide where to direct its limited energy? Plants use their cells called meristems to identify whether it’s time to focus on growing longer roots to find water or develop leaves above ground to capture energy from the sun.

Ask yourself, “What do I need to do to get more positive energy to feed my business?” What’s working well for your business right now? When I asked myself this question, I reminded myself that the most valuable customers are those which I already have. So, however successful your sales techniques may be, don’t chase after converting new customers too much. Develop those that you have already worked with to deliver a more satisfying experience for them.
Find your meristems. It will help your business to find the energy source it needs most and use your limited resources wisely. Remember that bamboo is the fastest growing plant, hence my choice of logo.

You can listen to this interview from Radio 4 to learn more about meristems.

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