Be certain of your true goal

Every business-owner needs to be certain of their goal.

We hear a lot about the importance of goal-setting in business and in life.

Have you paused recently to check that you’re sure that you’ve identified your  long-term marketing objective correctly? And that you’re genuinely progressing towards it?

Recently, I was reminded of the importance of a true goal,   I was in the kitchen when I heard a loud bang against the sitting-room window.  After some investigation, it became clear that a blackbird had flown, at speed, into the windowpane.  Sadly, the impact broke the bird’s neck and it died swiftly.  I decided to find out why this might happen.  The answer gave me the material for this analogy.  The blackbird intends to fly into the trees in the garden. However, the bird becomes confused by the reflection of trees in the window. It flies at the window, not the trees.  This accidental self-deception cost the bird its life. 

I recommend that you consider the next three points to ensure that your business doesn’t expire needlessly, like the blackbird.
  1. Meet your customer’s needs

If you remain focused on satisfying your customers’ needs, current and future, your goal should be easy to describe.

  1. Be honest to yourself about what’s possible

 If you haven’t conducted a thorough marketing audit prior to starting your venture, you might have unrealistic ambitions for your business, which will be difficult to fulfil.  You will be like the blackbird, aiming for the reflection of the trees, instead of the tree itself.

  1. Be clear about your motivation and your personal purpose

It’s normal for a business owner to choose to set up a venture in a field in which they have a passionate interest, but your drive might be at odds with the hard facts and the prevailing economic environment.  If your venture is driven by a desire for enjoyment or to deliver societal benefits as a social enterprise, it’s possible that slavish adherence to a profitability-led marketing objective may eradicate the joy from your project.  Another reminder not to confuse the true goal with its reflection.

If you have questions or suggest please feel free to contact me to clarify your true goal. [email protected]