Marketing tips for surviving winter

Trading conditions in winter are often difficult, or quieter than usual. Many small businesses need Marketing tips for surviving winter.

I can reassure you, if you have a strong grip on your Marketing processes there will be actions which you can take immediately to mitigate the challenging times you face in winter.  These marketing tips  for surviving winter are fundamental for your continued business growth all year.

The two key areas on which you must focus have been reflected in the evolution of polar bears. These creatures survive in harsh Arctic conditions and remain  the world’s largest carnivores. They survive thanks to two activities which you can mimic in business:

Marketing Tips for surviving winter inspired by polar bears

First you can Plan ahead

Polar bears have an additional layer of blubber which keeps them warm. It provides them with an energy store for the harshest months they build those stores April-July when food supplies are plentiful. Don’t despair, if your savings account is empty. It’s never too late to make Marketing plans which can anticipate your customers’ needs. Think about how your product will be relevant to customers next January.  This type of forecasting might reveal new opportunities for you to pursue.

For example, some trades in the Home sector are very busy in the approach to Christmas, as homeowners make their houses Christmas-ready. This boom period is predictably followed by a period of quiet in January. I recommend that my clients in this sector should make time in October/November to contact potential new customers, who might also face a quiet January; such as Hotels and restaurants which might plan to undertake routine annual maintenance after the festivities end.

Throughout Autumn you can phone your new targets to find out if they’re likely to need to make a booking for you in January. I have written about this approach to planning in my blog called planting your business bulbs HERE. Consultancy services can call target clients to encourage a New Year planning review.

Your next step will be Adapting to survive

Polar bears have an excellent sense of smell, which provides them with a competitive advantage when seeking prey or a mate. Use your Marketing tactics, the 4P’s to leverage your competitive advantage as you seek new customers.

The application of these Marketing tips for surviving winter will mean that you will plan and adapt to anticipate your customers’ needs, so that you’ll emerge from  winter feeling as strong as a polar bear for the next year.