Finding Customers: 3 Lessons from Penguins

Small businesses can learn from the rituals of penguins: Courtship varies among penguin species, and it generally begins with males who initiate the ritual.

LESSON 1: Take time at the outset to get the right product. Male penguins of most species know that their desired mate will care most about the suitability of his chosen nest site, so his first priority will be to establish the site and then to attract a mate. The penguin’s focus on the nest site is equivalent to the business getting the right product at the outset.
LESSON 2: Create a flurry of activity when you’re ready. Male penguins will announce their readiness for a mate by making a loud call, known as “trumpeting”. This may be thought of as equivalent to a traditional “burst” of advertising activity.
LESSON 3: Be inventive in order to stand out in a crowd. The male may dip his head low and then stretch his head and neck upward with flippers held outstretched and squawk or “bray”. Some species may swing their head or flap their flippers while calling. I have been thinking about this need to stand out during this week while I have been developing press releases on behalf of a client. Once a match has been made, the penguin couple takes time to get to know each other well, by bowing and preening, so that they can always find each other in future. Likewise, it is good to cement a bond with your customers by getting to know them well. Most penguins are monogamous, so if you follow their example, you might discover your loyal customers.
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