Grab attention by knowing how to be visible online

Business owners need to know how to be visible so that their customers can find them easily.

When you’re fighting for your share of a brief online attention span it is important for you to know about tips and tricks that can help you to stand out and grab the attention that you deserve.

Many European chaffinches are early heralds of Spring. The male birds need to use a few weeks in April wisely so that they can find a mate in time for the summer breeding season. Established males have to compete with younger birds in their territory to attract a female.  They use similar techniques to robins for fighting off competitors, you can use these methods to defend your territory, too.

There are several ways that incumbent birds ensure that they beat their competitors. Chaffinches know how to be visible because their species’ survival depends upon making the right impact. Like robins, they can teach you how to defend your territory, catch up on defence tactics from robins, here.

4 lessons in how to be visible inspired by chaffinches

1. Add audio and music to be visible

Chaffinches know how to use their strong voices to attract attention. You can use your voice in audio-led platforms, or you could add music to create a sonic logo.

2. Use colours and branding to be visible

Chaffinches develop their bright, breeding plumage in time for Spring. Your brand’s colours can help you to be visible and elicit emotions. You can dive into the do’s and don’ts of colour palettes online by reading this helpful blog for choosing colours by Mike Sherwood; 5 Tools to Help You Choose a Colour Palette.

3. Choose positioning to be visible

A determined chaffinch selects a high branch on which to perch and sing. You can pin important posts at the top of your feeds to make sure that they will not be missed.

4. Add motion to be visible

Chaffinches reveal striking white flashes when they fly. You can make more impact by using animation. Consider making a dynamic logo. I’ve added animation to my logo.  Have a look at it; it reflects my core message of growth and it indicates that my business has grown since its launch, too.

You can use these four techniques which show that you know how to be visible and to make your posts stand out for your customers.